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2015-08-10 13:23

Our Hospital specialises in multiple fields of medical care. We provide services form every basic specialisation, for children as well as for adults. Our wards have been created by the most outstanding doctors in their domains, and in 60 years of their existence their development was based on Evidence Based Medicine conception, with usage of the most current methods of treatment. Generations of doctors and nurses trained in the Stefan Żeromski Hospital contributed and still contribute to development not only of the Hospital, but also of many other disciplines by everyday practice and scientific research. Numerous wards are partaking in therapeutical programs of the Ministry of Health, implementing the most modern therapeutical methods, including biopharmaceuticals. Innovativeness is not only a phrase for us - it is visible in our everyday operating, the decisions we are making and ways of curing Patients.

Dermatology Ward - the only one treating children with skin disorders in Małopolska. It takes care of diagnosing and curing systemic, auto-immunological and allergy-caused diseases.

Infection Disease Ward - ensures the region safety in case of an epidemic. It takes care of both children and adults, and prevents as wall as treats rabies in the whole region.

The Orthopedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation Ward - specialises in treating musculoskeletal system using prosthesis’, not only in legs’ joints, but also elbow joint and hands’ joints. It widely uses microsurgery, also in sudden cases.

General Surgery Ward  - treats gastrointestinal tract disorders mostly using laparoscopic surgery, perform surgery in cases of hernia.

Pediatric Surgery Ward - performs general surgery and accident surgery on children, and treats disorders of urinary system using also laparoscopy and endoscopy.

Laryngological Ward - treats nasal, throat and larynx disorders with less invasive methods using endoscopy equipment. We plan to implement ear surgery in the close future.

Ophthalmological Ward - treats cataract using the most recent method, as well as other eye disorders, including macular degeneration, demanding vitrectomy and intraocular injections. Cures lacrimal canaliculi obstruction and other eye-related children diseases. Plans are to treat strabismus using surgery.

OBGYN Ward - has been granted with high recommendations, and is equipped with 4 separate childbirth rooms that are adjusted for the baby’s father to be present and devices necessary for active management of the labour.  In cooperation with the Anesthetic Ward it implements various methods of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical pain control (conduction anaesthesia, antenatal classes). Gynaecological surgeons preform treatment using modern and innovative methods.

Modern Neonatal Ward - one of a few in Małopolska to have full specialistic supply: a crew of highly qualified doctors and nurses with wide experience. It is equipped with most modern devices and tools.

Anesthetic and Intensive Care Ward - runs mechanical ventilation, mechanical circulatory support, continuous dialyses, enteral nutrition, and full parenteral nutrition. It is being developed at the time, and adjusted to modern standards of care and equipment.

3 Internal Wards - not only takes care of patients with ’typical’ internal disorders, but also diagnoses them using endoscopy and echocardiography. Has intense cardiological care stands.

Neurological Ward - provides specialised treatment to stroke and innovative pharmaceutical programs recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Urology - is developing in the field of treating urinary system cancer and kidney stone as well as all urinary tract disorders.

Pediatrics - professional care of childhood diseases and modern diagnosing and treating of circulatory system disorders. At the moment under the process of modernising rooms and equipping with specialistic tools. 

Radiological Diagnostic Ward - equipped with new 64 -row CT scanner and digital x-ray machines allowing diagnosis of the highest level for the Hospital Patients as well as those form ER.

The Hospital runs free of charge antenatal classes, which take place in 5 weeks long courses. The optimal time to start attending such class is between 28 and 30 week of pregnancy. It is obligatory to have a note from the mother’s doctor, proving that she can partake in physical exercises. By attending the classes soon-to-be mothers can better prepare their bodies for the great effort of giving birth (by breathing techniques and building stamina), improve ventilation and endurance for each phases of the labour and learn to deal with stress. The Hospital performs labours with the child’s father present - it allows the Patient to keep her rights for privacy and family bonds protection as well as respect for her dignity and intimacy also by the presence of a close person and extra care on their part.


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