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To give birth in English

2015-10-13 21:52

Welcome to Antenatal Classes in English. Żeromski Municipal Hospital is a first onewhich offers for English-speaking parents in Cracow. We start on 21st of October at 5.30p.m. Duration: six weeks. We meet every Tuesday from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. It lasts 2 hours. Call us to get more information: 721 164 377.

Place: Żeromski Minicipal Hospital in Cracow

Address: 66 Na Skarpie str, Cracow. You can get there by tram №10,16 or by bus № 123, 163, 174, 193.

Participants: pregnant women and their partners. We offer active learning by different methods: lekture, explanation, discussions.

Topics:physical and psychological changes during pregnancy(exercise during pregnancy);nutrition, baby's development in the uterus;giving birth(techniqes for coping with pain, how partner can help during giving birth;when to go to the hospital, what to take to the hospital);newborn's health, taking care of a baby at home(practise diaspering;bathing),process of breastfeeding; lactation, nutrition, breastfeeeding posiiotns;puerperium(exercising after pregnancy.


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